We sincerely appreciate any sponsorships (donations) to help make this a great weekend and supplement the expenses associated with our three events.
It is the goal of the Reunion Committee to make one of the largest, if not the largest, class donations to BHS.  This is more important than ever since the face of our beloved high school is getting ready to change.

In addition, if you would like to make a donation in honor or memory of someone, we will accept that and will list all sponsors on this page.

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Total Collected$ 2,509

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Goal: $ 2,500
Total Collected:
$ 2,509

Recent Contributors

Linda Frezell Amount: $ 133.00 Date Received: 06/26/2017
John Price Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/30/2017
JOHN PENA Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/24/2017
"In memory of our classmates who passed away prior to this night.RIP."
Kim Koulet Amount: $ 80.00 Date Received: 05/24/2017
Beverly Knox-Pipes Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/8/2017
"Looking forward to a great reunion with the BEST class ever !!"
Charlie Wedge Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/4/2017
Bob Welsh Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 04/24/2017
"Benay and I are pleased to contribute to the class fund, and I very much look forward to seeing everyone."
Mark (Alfred) Benitez Amount: $ 40.00 Date Received: 04/19/2017
Al Benitez Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 04/18/2017
"Best Class I agree! Look forward to seeing you all again & I have details on the new campus format."
Chip Brown Amount: $ 200.00 Date Received: 04/16/2017
"Debby and I are honored to support the best class that Burges ever had!"
Carolyn Bryant Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 04/4/2017
"Looking forward to seeing everyone!"
Guy Johnsen Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 03/27/2017
"Kathy and I look forward to seeing all the many faces we have missed from years past."
Denise Pence Boockvor Amount: $ 150.00 Date Received: 03/26/2017
"I'm so proud to be a BHS grad, and can't wait to see everyone. "
Roy & Barbara (Garland) Hughes Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 03/25/2017
Marcia Daniels Amount: $ 70.00 Date Received: 03/12/2017
"Look forward to seeing everyone on May 25!"
Robert (BOB) Dunaway Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 03/10/2017
"Hope everybody makes it in May. Looking forward to catching up with all!"
Marsha Daugherty Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 03/10/2017
"Looking forward to seeing everyone"
Holly Anderson Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 03/5/2017
"So glad this group of people is getting together again."
Bob Dunaway Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 03/2/2017
Tricia & Marta Neely Amount: $ 260.00 Date Received: 02/27/2017
"Our sister made us do this."
Marty White Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 02/24/2017
Rebecca (Wright) Schmidt Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 02/7/2017
"I'm not sure yet if I can attend the reunion, but wanted to show my support of the reunion and Burges."
Joy Davis Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 02/7/2017
"Please give as generously as you can - it's vital for a successful reunion as well as educational and community development."
Linda Frezell Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 02/7/2017
"Looking forward to having the best reunion ever - plus making a generous class donation to BHS, so dear to my heart."